Apocalypse - La 2ème guerre mondiale

Year 2009
Minutes 312
Category Documentary
Genres Documentary History War

Gnome et Rhone AX2 Episode: 2

Gnome et Rhone AX2 background vehicle minor vehicle


Gnome et Rhone AX2, 800cc.

Terrot JSS350 Episode: 2

Terrot JSS350 minor vehicle

French? Dijonnaise de chez Terrot, même!

I think this is a civilian model that has been commandeered by the military, who would chrome the tank on a military vehicle? Terrot JSS 350

BSA M20 Episode: 2

BSA M20 background vehicle BSA M20 wiki


Wikipedia says that there were different versions producted for military purposes, production of them started ca. 1939, while the overall model was introduced in 1937. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSA_M20

DKW NZ350 Episode: 2

DKW NZ350 minor vehicle DKW NZ350 wiki

DKW NZ 350

BMW R12 Episode: 2

BMW R12 minor vehicle BMW R12 wiki

R 12

BMW R12 Episode: 4

BMW R12 background vehicle BMW R12 wiki


Please set year to 1935.