American Pickers

Year 2010
Minutes 60
Category Non-fiction TV
Genres Documentary Reality-TV

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 1.01

Piaggio Vespa minor vehicle

Indian ME100 Episode: 1.02

This one's a rare one, it's an Indian ME100,, possibly a 125.

Yamaha TY250 Episode: 1.02

Trials, not Trails. None of the TY series - maybe a 250?. According to this page - - it is a 1978 TY250.

Honda CB160 Episode: 1.04

Honda CB160 ?

Honda S90 Episode: 1.04

Honda S90 minor vehicle Honda S90 wiki

Honda CD175 from 1967/68 Interesting. Its owner said it was a 1960-61 model. Not a CD175, its an S90 CD175 S90

@ parkwood60, we use thumbnails in the comments because it saves room.

Yamaha YR-1 350 Episode: 1.04

Yamaha YR-1 350 minor vehicle

The guy who owned this owned several Hondas, and I'm guessing this is yet another one. Hondas are almost invariably four strokes. This one is a two stroke twin. I haven't decided yet whether it is a Suzuki or a Yamaha. The reason I could not work out whther it was a Suzuki or a Yamaha was because it is a Bridgestone 350 from the 1966-70 period. Because it is something of an orphan is probably the reason why it is in the collection in the TV series.

Except it isn't a Bridgestone, they were always disc valve engines and had a more pointed tank. That's a 1967 Yamaha YR 1

Yamaha TT500 Episode: 1.06

1971? The TT500 was current from 1976 to 1981. According to this page - - the orange tank makes it 1979.

1977 is the Fuel Tank, the TT leter are red only in 1977, in 1978 the TT is "Competition Yellow", in 1979 the TT is "New Electro Orange".

Honda CB500 Episode: 1.08

1974 Honda CB 500 T

The 500T was only available in 1975 and 76. In 1974 it was still the CB450.

Suzuki DR250 Episode: 1.08

1985 Suzuki DR 250

Harley-Davidson FL Episode: 1.08

Appears to be a 58 or 59 Harley-Davidson Duo-Glide, but that's not an original seat, so it might well be a assortment of several different bikes, Harley's are fun that way.

.......with a '70s Shovel Head swapped in

Harley-Davidson FSWG Wide Glide Episode: 1.08

cycle parts of a Harley Davidson FXWG Wide Glide

Honda Gold Wing GL1000 Episode: 1.08

Gold Wing; A 1100? Yes. 1980 Honda GL 1100 Gold Wing.

Wrong!!! This is a GL 1000 K3 1979.

Honda Gold Wing GL1200 Episode: 1.08

Honda Gold Wing GL1200 minor vehicle

Gold Wing. A 1200 in my opinion

Yamaha XJ750 Episode: 1.08

1981 Yamaha XJ 750 Seca

Cleveland Model 20 Episode: 1.09

Cleveland Model 20 minor vehicle

Cleveland built these single cylinder two stroke bikes with shaft drive from about 1916 to 1924. The early ones had round fuel tanks but this one looks to be a later model - possibly 1923 or 1924. I don't think there was a model name because they only built the one type until they switched to bigger four cylinder four strokes in about 1925.

Similar to this 1923 Model 20 -

Kawasaki GPZ1100B1 Episode: 1.10

Kawasaki GPZ1100B1 minor vehicle

Kawasaki Z 900 GPZ, et plutôt 1100... GPz 1100 B1 twin shock version

And welcome to you too, Dragracer1260.

Kawasaki H1500 Episode: 1.10

Mike and Frank go to a lot of trouble to fish this one out of the weeds. Evidently it's fairly rare.

Catégorie Sport tout-terrain? Ou Trail-bike?

Piaggio Vespa Rally 200 Episode: 1.10

Piaggio Vespa Rally 200 background vehicle

The maroon one, in the foreground. Probably a Piaggio P-Series.

Nearest- Maroon scoot is most likely a Rally 200, note the raised gas tank, plus that's a re-spray in a stock Rally color. Middle- That is a '05 PX 150 Serie America (The 'Vintage Green' scoot) #3rd- some unknown Lambretta, prob a Li something

Honda CT90 Episode: 1.11

Honda CT90 minor vehicle Honda CT90 wiki

One of the Honda CT series CT90 or similar.

Mustang Stallion Episode: 1.11

Mustang Stallion background vehicle

Maybe Indian Brave from circa 1950?? That does resemble an Indian Brave from around 1952, with the gas tank opening on the left side and the single cylinder engine.

That's a pair of Mustang Stallions Link to ""

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 2.04

Harley-Davidson unknown minor vehicle

Looks like a Harley Davidson "Magnum" to me: Sportster cylinders and heads on a WLA crackcase and gearbox

Harley-Davidson Knucklehead Episode: 2.06

Mike has a love affair with this bike and takes it home with him.

Indian Scout 1150 Episode: 2.06

The one Mike is looking at...Indian?

Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin Episode: 2.07

Where did the idea it was a BSA come from? Looks like a Japanese bike from the mid '60s. Might be a Bridgestone. or Suzuki ?

Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin as built between 1966 and 1970

Honda Monkey Z50 Episode: 2.07

Honda Monkey Z50 background vehicle

Looks like a Honda logo on the tank. That's what I thought but I couldn't quite make it out.

LOoks like one of the many different 'monkey bikes' That Honda made. Might be one of these - - Honda Z50A.