America in Color

Year 2017
Minutes 60
Category Documentary
Genres Biography Documentary History

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 1

Harley-Davidson unknown 00:28:59 background vehicle

Harley JD?

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 2

Harley-Davidson unknown 00:26:42 minor vehicle

Harley, can't see the motor so ??? Presented as FDR and entourage arriving at the Grand Coulee Dam project, 4 August 1934. 26:29 Could be either RL (45 cid) or VL 61/74 cid).

I guess should be in keeping with other presidential escords.

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 3

Harley-Davidson unknown 00:30:57 minor vehicle

FDR's funeral procession. 31:02

Harley-Davidson FLHP Episode: 5

Harley-Davidson FLHP 00:21:45 minor vehicle

Year or context? Arresting MLK in Birmingham. 21:51

FLH Duo-Glide (Electra-Glide not introduced 'til 65).