Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei

Year 1996
Minutes 90
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

27.04: Motorcycle used by Ben in Seasons 24-34

Appears first in Ep. 24.01.

BMW R1200C Episode: 10.01

1997 BMW R 1200 C

MuZ Skorpion 660 Episode: 10.04

MuZ Skorpion 660 background vehicle

MZ Baghira Episode: 10.06

Another one in Ep. 13.02 : This looks waaay newer then 1989 (Listed as Origin: DDR). Others in Ep. 14.01 :

Another one in Ep. 15.08 :

MZ ETZ250 Episode: 1.02

MZ ETZ250 background vehicle MZ ETZ250 wiki

Suzuki DR800 Episode: 1.03

Suzuki DR800 chase

It's a Suzuki, but i don't know the model 800 DR, souvenez vous, le "nez de canard"!

Just a little fun fact: This scene was not filmed in Berlin. How i know that? The bus stop sign is more common in the Outer Rim. That design was actually used by the private company Havelbus, which sits in Potsdam and mainly drives to small towns in Brandenburg. But Potsdam bus stop signs look different again, because they are designed by ViP (Verkehrsbetrieb in Potsdam). Edit: That should be somewhere near "Stahnsdorf". The very first "Filmautobahn", an old section which was demolished in 2000, ended where Stahnsdorf begins:

Honda CR125R Episode: 1.07

Honda 250 or 400 fourstroke motocross . Twostroke... Forme typique de l'échappement (=> CR, 125 ou 250...) Another one in Ep. 4.09 : look at the swingarm you can see 125r

in the other picture Ep. 4.09 its a cr500

Piaggio Sfera Episode: 11.01

Piaggio Sfera background vehicle

Piaggio Sfera.

BMW R80RT TIC Episode: 12.01

BMW R80RT TIC minor vehicle

BMW R 100 RT ?

Pas tout à fait. Jantes nettement plus récentes, des dernières séries de flat culbuté, donc plus vraisemblablement R 80 RT TIC, monobras et mono-amortisseur arrière.

Cagiva Canyon 500 Episode: 13.02

Cagiva Canyon 500 or 600 (1998-)

Others in Ep. 14.01 :

BMW F650 Episode: 14.02

BMW F650 minor vehicle BMW F650 wiki

Aprilia RST1000 Futura Episode: 15.08

2001-2004 Aprilia RST1000 Futura Loads of examples here:

Suzuki GSX-R750 Episode: 16.06

Mhouais... A y regarder, ça ressemble bien plus à une GSXR des premières années (85 et peu au-delà...)

its e 1988 (traditional fork hole air intake system ) the 1985 its different fairing!!!! Link to "" Link to ""

BMW K1200S Episode: 17.07

BMW K1200S minor vehicle BMW K1200S wiki

Please set year as 2005.

Honda CBR1000 Fireblade Episode: 18.02

Honda CBR1000 Fireblade minor vehicle

Honda CBR 600 F Sport PC35 (2001)

2005 CBR 1000 RR Fireblade without lateral fairings --- Link to ""

BMW R 67/2 Episode: 18.04

BMW R 67/2 minor vehicle

Heres the price on the internet When horst is looking for it. R67/2 à coup sûr si pas une très rare et confidentielle 67/3 1954/55

Semir's dream motorcycle, apparently.

Aprilia RSV1000 Episode: 19.02

Aprilia RSV4? Aprilia RSV 1000 - 2005(?!?!)

It's an APRILIA RSV 1000 R.

Kawasaki KX Episode: 19.07

Kawasaki KX minor vehicle

Yamaha?? A priori non. Je pensais Kawasaki KX, mais juste une présomption... Pas sûr du tout...

kx 250 ou 500

BMW HP2 Enduro Episode: 20.01

BMW HP2 Enduro

Used by Semir and Tom in a successful rescue attempt at the end of "Vertrauenssache".

KTM EXC Episode: 20.04

KTM EXC minor vehicle


2003-2004 EXC's series

Honda XL250 RFVC Episode: 2.06

Honda XR 600? /vehicle_79905-Honda-XR-600.html XL 600R, possibly a 1983

i think XL250 RFVC (smaller engine than 600cc)

Suzuki GSX-R750 Episode: 21.01

The bike is definitely a Honda CBR900 RR from 1992. Bike in nearly the same position It's actually a 1986 or 1987 Suzuki GSXR.

its a gsx r 750 1988-89 you can find out 1 the fender 2 hole air intake system 3 disk brake

BMW C1 Episode: 21.07

BMW C1 minor vehicle

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 21.07

125 DTR

Kawasaki ZXR750 Stinger Episode: 21.07

Kawasaki ZXR750 Stinger minor vehicle

Submitted by J-2: They both look like Kawasaki ZXR 750s: /vehicle_53253-Kawasaki-ZXR-750.html Kawasaki zxr 750 stinger ( 1989 ou 1990 )

the grenn its a kawasaki BUT the orange blue its a suzukigsx r 750 1988 1989 its so easy find the difference hole air intake system, caliper, front fender ,mirror

Honda NX650 Dominator Episode: 24.03

Image changée, ou alors c'est une Citroën 2 CV 6, qu'on identifie facilement, pare-chocs et phares spécifiques à ce modèle... Hein? C'est pas ça? Bon... Disons, Honda NX 650 Dominator, et félicitations à qui l'a idetifiée comme Kawasaki 1300... Pour la postérité, ce gag... 1988

@ Robi: can you post a better quality main pic?

Suzuki DR650 Episode: 26.07

DR 650 surely!

16.02 34.04

Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob Episode: 26.08

Harley Dyna Fat Bob and Dyna Street Bob which one is which?

The one on the left is the Fat Bob which belongs to one of the main characters.

Triumph Trident 900 Episode: 26.09

Triumph Trident 900 Link to "" like this 2003

KTM SX450 Episode: 27.03

KTM on engine cap ( EXC 125 ) nope... it's a 2005 KTM 450sx

29.05 36.05

Victory Kingpin Episode: 29.06

Victory Small pics please. You can always copy the location of a reference pic and upload it here: /upload.php or just use a link.

That looks like a Kingpin to me.

Honda CB750 Episode: 30.01

It's a Honda, but I don't know which model. 1981-82 Honda CB900F The subject bike doesn't have the standard front fender. The front forks are compressed and the tail is up because the rider is braking hard, Attention au détail qui tue: la 900 avait un radiateur d'huile, pas la 750 FB! Pour le reste, OK... Excellente observation! La moto serait donc une CB750F, pas une 900. @ouatedephoque > c'est pas utile de ré-héberger les images d'autres sites ici, ça prend de la place, poster des liens suffit (la fonction d'ajout d'image c'est plutôt pour les vues/captures additionnelles)


Kawasaki GPZ500EX Episode: 3.02

Kawasaki GPZ500EX minor vehicle

Kawasaki GPZ 500

Suzuki Intruder Episode: 3.02

Suzuki Intruder minor vehicle

Suzuki Intruder "chopperisée" Encore un ersatz de Harley

Yamaha VMX1200 Episode: 3.02

La célèbre V-Max

Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 3.02

XT 600?

je confirme j'ai la meme mais en bleu

Kawasaki Z650D SR Episode: 3.02

Kawasaki Z650D SR minor vehicle

On the right is a Kawasaki. It looks like one of the early Z1/900/1000 models from the 1970s.

The cam cover ends are the wrong shape for a Z1/Z900, that's a '79 Z650SR, the original crossover exhausts have been replaced.

KTM unknown Episode: 31.02

KTM unknown chase

KTM ( 200X SX 450 ) by look at the fork + fender style

BMW R1100 RT-P Episode: 32.01

BMW R1100 RT-P minor vehicle

Suzuki DR Episode: 33.03

Suzuki DR chase

Maybe a Suzuki DR More shots from the chase-scene under the bridge and in the steeet besides? Maybe then my wife's office is identifyable. Her usual parking lot is not visble, her Polo stands mainly besides the columns with 30-something. Over there she's actually pissed about a Fiat Punto with Dutch plates, which is always parked in a way, that she cannot leave their lot. She's pissed that way, that she thinks about, if razor blades or buttermilk may the best education-helper I hope that these will help: yes, great! Her usual parking lot is visible on thumbnail 3 (between pile 18 and the VW T5, the Dutch Fiat-asshole always parks in the middle-!-) and her office is visible on thumbnail 10 (middle part of the building, 1st.floor, third window from left).


Kreidler Florett RS50 Episode: 33.04

Kreidler Florett RS50 minor vehicle

Kreidler 50 RS

Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Episode: 34.02

Harley-Davidson VRSCDX minor vehicle

2013 Harley Davidson VRSCDX "Night Rod Special" Link to ""

It belongs to the main character of that "era", and is seen driving and parked over a dozen times

Suzuki DR800 Episode: 35.02

Suzuki DR800 background vehicle

Suzuki Big DR 800...

Ducati 900 MHE Episode: 35.06

Ducati 900 MHE minor vehicle

Ducati looks like front engine head of L Twin is visible looks like front legs of Monster 620 never seen this small headlight but fairing gives italian impression to me The headlight trim ring looks like it came from a hardware store... most likely from the plumbing department! It looks like Ducati MH900e for me.

Confirmed it to be a Ducati MH900e as DonBarto has stated.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Episode: 36.01

36.01 36.05 37.03 38.09 The year should be 2001. Motorcycle used by Alex Brandt. deleted comment

Well, now I noticed it's not Bonneville T100. It's Thruxton 900. There are some differences like the exhaust pipe or rear wheel arch.

Suzuki RM-Z Episode: 36.05

Suzuki RM-Z chase

Suzuki RM-Z

KTM unknown Episode: 36.05

KTM unknown minor vehicle


Suzuki GS500 Episode: 38.03

Suzuki logo below the frame.

KTM SX450 Episode: 38.03

04-05 KTM (450)SX (not sure for engine ''CC'')

MZ 125 SM Episode: 39.03

MZ 125 SM chase

MZ 125 SM then? I didn´t know MZ built such nice bikes... they are post 1991 models

Built between 2001 and 2008, so origin Germany. Also wirklich, die Wiedervereinigung war 1990, demnach sind es Modelle von post-1990. Das ist Allgemeinwissen!

Kawasaki Z750F Episode: 4.06

Kawasaki Z750F like this one I am not sure of the exact dates of the model run but 1981 won't be far out. The 1979 model has a different tank and I can't find any reference to any later models.

Honda CB250N Superdream Episode: 4.07

Honda CB250N Superdream minor vehicle

Honda Superdream, can't tell if CB 250 N or 400 N.

Seen from another angle /vehicle_1139333.html CB 250 N.

Suzuki GS425 Episode: 4.07

Suzuki GS 425

Yamaha XS250 Episode: 4.07

Yamaha XS250 minor vehicle

Yamaha XS250/400?

BMW R1150 RT-P Episode: 41.04

BMW R1150 RT-P minor vehicle

BMW R 1150 RT

BMW R nineT 1200 Episode: 41.05

BMW R nineT 1200 background vehicle


Yes. It's a customized BMW R 1200 Nine-T.

MZ SX125 Episode: 42.01

MZ SX125 minor vehicle MZ SX125 wiki

MZ SX 125 guess category should be off road bike then Category trail there is a problem here this bikes are post 1991 so shouldn't origin be Germany instead of East Germany ? sort of Soviet Union- Russia problem is someone has to go thru all MZ bikes to determine this aspect The SX is definitely German, the old 2 strokes would be origin east Germany, otherwise we've got a major problem with anything from the early 90's built in former Warsaw pact countries. Some countries have changed names and a few new ones have appeared so we'd need exact manufacturing dates to identify 100% otherwise is a Jawa/CZ from Czechoslakia or the Czech republic? is a Ural USSR or Russian? Can I suggest we try to keep it to origin otherwise nervous breakdowns all round..

czech republic has same flag here as Czechoslakia... but it would be relative simple , from all their bikes here , the models lauched post 1991 should have german origin /vehicles_make-MZ.html

MZ TS125 Episode: 42.01

MZ TS125 chase

cable which pulled it

MZ's, I think these are TS 125's or 150's, they don't look to have the flat cylinder head of the 250.

Suzuki DR650 Episode: 42.07

43.03 :

Suzuki DR 650 RS/RSE. '90-95. I'd say RSE for a police bike (E for Electric start), plod wouldn't catch many criminals trying to kick over a 650 single

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 42.10

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

Ural cT Episode: 43.06



Husqvarna WR250 Episode: 5.05

Husqvarna Another one in Ep. 6.04 : WR 125: /vehicle_57076-Husqvarna-WR-125-1995.html not a 125 this is a 2 stroke engine... i dont know the engine size but sure to be 250 or bigger Ganz klar eine TE610 steht sogar auf der Schwinge! TE 610 fourstroke and look the sign on the swingarm!lol!

At that time Husqvarna didn't produce 250cc 4 stroke engine

Honda CR80 Episode: 6.01

Too small to be a 125... it's a CR 80.

KTM LC2 Episode: 6.04

KTM LC2 minor vehicle

its a KTM LC2 or SX from years 93-97

Piaggio Velofax 50 Episode: 6.07

Piaggio Velofax 50 minor vehicle

Piaggio? PIaggio Velofax 50?

Piaggio Velofax. I owned one of these myself. What a pile of junk...

Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan Episode: 6.07

Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan minor vehicle

Harley? Definitely not a Harley - not sure exactly what it is - maybe a Yamaha Roadstar?

Ou Kawasaki Vulcan?

Ural IMZ-8.103-10 Episode: 6.08

Ural IMZ-8.103-10 main character

Used by Semir

This is a Russian bike, Dnjepr or Ural. In the last 10 years they were imported to Germany by a private company.

Yamaha XV535 Episode: 7.07

One of the Japanese mini-Harleys. I think this one is a 250 V-twin Honda.

Ou une Harley rétrécie au lavage, tant qu'on y est, nan? Yamaha XV 535 Virago

Piaggio Vespa PX150 Episode: 8.05

Piaggio Vespa PX150 minor vehicle

Vespa PX 150-200 ccm... its not an 125.. because the licence plate than would be smaller Gné? quoi gné? Pour la license plate? Ché pas, ils ont peut-être des plus petites plaques en Allemagne pour les <=125 ?

Pas que je sache, pour les pitites cylindrées...