At a Catholic public school, Benjamin Stanfield is tired of being the teacher's pet and decides to play a practical joke on his form master Father Goddard. In confession, Stanfield tells Goddard that he has accidentally murdered his friend Blakey and buried him in the forest. When Goddard investigates the matter, he finds a buried scarecrow. Goddard is outraged, but, due to the seal of confession, he knows he cannot expel Stanfield. Shortly after, Stanfield once again enters the confession booth, telling Goddard that what before was a practical joke, he has now made happen. In disbelief, Goddard once again goes to the forest to investigate the matter. This time, he discovers Blakey's dead body. The plot soon thickens as Stanfield's fellow student Arthur Dyson mysteriously disappears...

BSA B25 Starfire

B25 Starfire

BSA B25 Starfire , but there have been similar models 250ccm , too. http://globalcarbrands.com/foto/bsa-b25-starfire/09/index.html this article says it was serviced by Scott's Garage in Ellesmere . Link to "news.bbc.co.uk" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2DJLVWZASw "I get to feel I'm gonna get one soon. I don't wanna Kawasaki or Suzuki or whatever. Although I know they're pretty fast."

[quote=andrepa]BSA B25 Starfire , but there have been similar models 250ccm , too. Why the hesitation?. It certainly is a BSA B25 Starfire, a '69, I believe. http://www.vintagebike.co.uk/pictures/1969-bsa-b25-starfire/ http://motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/classic_bikes/Starfire%20005.jpg

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Absolution poster

Year 1978
Minutes 95
Category Movie
Genres Drama Mystery Thriller
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