A Very Peculiar Practice

Suzuki GS550 Episode: 2.1


Its owner later wears a Suzuki logo on his jacket if that helps: Looks to be one of the GS series fours - hard to be more specific with out the badges. This bike with Suzuki badge at start of ep2.3 should be the same one as used by the same character: DVLA details for BRT 930T are: Date of Liability 01 06 1997 Date of First Registration 01 08 1978 Year of Manufacture 1978 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 548cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval Not Available Adoncques GS 550! More from ep2.3 after 46-25:

Ep2.7, 24-58 brief appearance:

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Year 1986
End 1988
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Drama
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