A Country Practice

Year 1981
End 1993
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Drama Romance

Indian Scout 741 Episode: 1.11

Indian Scout 741 minor vehicle

Indian Scout of some sort. Maybe a 500 cc WW2-era model 741? Commonly known as an 'army Indian'. There were many of these sold to private owners in Australia and New Zealand.

Kawasaki Z1000H Episode: 2.52

Kawasaki Z1000H minor vehicle

1980-81 Kawasaki Z1000H. Last of the old 1015cc engines before the introduction of the 998cc Z1000J but with fuel injection, precursor to the GPZ1100 B1 & B2.

BMW R80RT Episode: 4.45

BMW R80RT minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki


R80 most likely .

Kawasaki GPZ750UT Episode: 4.61

Kawasaki GPZ750UT minor vehicle

1983 Kawasaki GPz 750/1100 UT which stands for Unitrak the hottest sports tourer than, even a little bit of decals visible /vehicle.php?id=682429 although we can't say engine volume, there is no reason for not making it a Kawasaki in Kreuzberg, too leaving the Kawasaki on the right for jplemoine

here 1100 UT same angle /vehicle_841340.html

Yamaha XS650 Episode: 4.61

XS650 Nice Had a few of these , nice engines but not great handlers ! Indeed, I'm on my second right now. Poor mans Triumph...

Thinking man's Triumph, no oil leaks! That one's either an SG or an SH model, can't tell if it's got a drum or disc rear brake.

Suzuki U50 Episode: 6.13

Suzuki U50 minor vehicle

Suzuki U50 Link to "www.newoldbike.co.uk" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIHdxzRjw-A

BMW K100LT Episode: 8.05

BMW K100LT minor vehicle BMW K100LT wiki

K 100 LT?

looks very much like that Link to "cdn.crazyleafdesign.com" Link to "www.police.public.lu"

KTM unknown Episode: 8.75

KTM unknown minor vehicle


Husqvarna WR240 Episode: 8.76


Honda CB400T Dream Episode: 9.29

Honda CB400T Dream minor vehicle

Plate returns: 1979 CB 250 N.

Presque: 1/: Pas N, mais Twin 2/: Déco du réservoir typique de la 400, pas de la 250... Donc: Honda CB 400 Twin 1978

Harley-Davidson WLA Episode: 9.48

1936 Harley Davidson 36R 750ccm http://www.yesterdays.nl/harley-davidson-1936-pi-1043.html?invis=1

It is similar to the R but there are differences, I think it is very likely to be an ex-miltary WLA. The rear carrier is a clue.