A Busca

A Busca poster
Year 2012
Minutes 96
Category Movie
Genres Drama Thriller

Theo is living the good life in an upscale Brazilian neighborhood. He’s a hardworking doctor, husband, and father. However, Theo has chosen his career over his family, and little by little he discovers that his world is crumbling around him. His beloved mentor and surrogate father is dying, and his wife announces that she wants a divorce. Yet nothing prepares him for the day when he comes home to discover that his 15-year-old son, Pedro, has disappeared. Theo takes to the road in search of his son. In a journey that leads him throughout Brazil, Theo discovers what really matters to him. Searching for his missing son, Theo finds himself.

Honda CG125

Honda CG125 01:19:33 chase Honda CG125 wiki

Yamaha SR 125?

BVK-7750 on sinesp = 1980 Honda CG 125

Honda CG150

Honda CG150 00:30:27 minor vehicle

Honda wings on tank Possibly a locally built model. Yamaha YBR 125?

CG 150