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1970 Yamaha DX250 - according to this site http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/Yamaha_dx250%2070.htm Or it might be an RX350. http://home.san.rr.com/fujii/motercycles/old_motercycles/rx350.jpg Being the USA it might be the larger model. This was called a Yamaha R5, I believe. In late 60's thru 70's this two-stroke twin 350 had different model names; R5 thru R5C, then RD350 in 73, RD350A in 74, and on just changing the last letter every year up thru the alphabet. When they became liquid-cooled later, it changed to RZ350.

This is a long shot. And if I'm violating any site regulations here, please advise - I am a member of the Ian Fleming Foundation (www.ianflemingfoundation.org), which maintains an extensive collection of, and archive related to, vehicles used in the James Bond movies. We would very much like to get in touch with poster Jonnyboy, who posted a comment on this page on 2009-05-21, and on the same day posted a comment on the page for the Lincoln Mark VII used in the movie "Licence To Kill". We are trying to track down any of the Lincolns used in that movie. If Jonnyboy happens to read this page, or if anyone knows him and can inform him of this comment, he can contact me at BondVehicle@gmail.com. Alternatively, a comment can perhaps be posted here and we can correspond that way --- I'll be checking this page periodically. Thanks!

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