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 in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Regnr: ATO799 Fabrikat: YAMAHA WR250X Fordonsår: 2008 Chassinummer: JYADG202000000831

Yanno, Rooney Mara and her CL350/CB350 were really REALLY sexy in the American version, but the rest of the film sucked balls. THIS movie is one of my all time favourites, and Noomi Rapace was quite possibly SEXIER ... yes quite a bit sexier just because the whole film rip-off thing gives Rooney Mara somewhat of a "Single White Female" type of vibe. Only not in nearly as sexy of a way as the original film by that name might imply. ANYWAY yeah - much as myself I'm a big Honda nut and I absolutely love the lightweight twins of the '60s & '70s of ANY Japanese manufacturer ... heck even the KZ440LTD or rather, the "KZ440LOL" that I'm building right now you should look it up ... but yeah much as I really dig that, and the SCRAMBLER vibe that's so ... proto-dirtbike it's like what I'm saying about the film itself here, the ORIGINAL always trumps the imitators. THAT BEING SAID - the Svensk version with the Yamaha WR250X is all the more authentic BECAUSE this film is set in that time and place. Because much as this vintage Honda café racer thing is catching on all around the world it's never quite as popular as it is in Hollywood with the California hipster kids - but in EUROPE people dig their SUPER-MOTO and that's exactly what this bike brings to the film is some AUTHENTICITY - much as the biker losers in the sequel are fucktards and of course ride Harley choppers just as fucktards everywhere DO - so too a "Eurotrash Babe" (and I use this as a term of endearment here!) just HAS TO BE hip to the whole Super-Moto thing! As such, the CB350/CL350 in the US version would be more appropriate to an American hipster chick. Don't get me wrong they're BOTH very cool bikes! It's just ... All I'm getting at, is the Honda, and the actress walking around in her panties, is the ONLY thing I liked about the US version. And I suppose I'm saying the Svensk version could DO with a little more "sexing up" of the bike, more of those ... vogue magazine perfume advert type of motorcycle photography shoots - AND some more of the American T&A photo shoots for that matter. Say what you will about authenticity & realism - the film would've been MORE AWESOME with a wee bit of quim that you could freeze-frame on the DVD, and to treat the bike as though IT were a nekkid lady as well.... Just sayin'!

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