Yamaha unknown in Movies

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Polska Kronika Filmowa EP: 92/41

Do not want to be boring, but it is 1992 Paris-Peking race. Might be useful in the future (if will stay unidentified longer ). Yamaha FZT 750 ? Film on Yamaha bikes in 1992 P-D at http://wn.com/Paris_Moscow_Beijing_rally_1992 - Stefan Peteransel won the bike category on a Yamaha, but it was painted blue. Almost all Yamaha rally-bikes in that period had these fairings. It 's hard to say exactly the name and capacity ...

Two pictures at the bottom --> Link to "www.xtzclub.pl"

 in Armadong hudas
Armadong hudas

Yamaha? XT 600 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_XT600

Si c'est la même sur la deuxième photo, c'est une 2 temps. Donc une DTLC, surtout pas une XT...

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