Yamaha Fuzzy in Movies

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Yin shi nan nu

I was a bit mistaken, this one's some kind of local version of the Fuzzy: Link to "4.bp.blogspot.com" Earliest production I was able to find is 1993. Should we list the Kymco Jockey 125/Heroic/Hammer/Freeway? Lots of them in Taiwanese films on the site, but none are listed for inexplicable reasons... This must have been the Jog I was thinking of: http://madmax-taiwan.com/images/yamaha_used/projog90/IMG_4390.jpg No need for "unknown", I just mixed up the model, not the make. OK. So make = ? model = ? Any year? No. Yamaha Fuzzy.

...and as I said, should we create a page for the Kymco Jockey/Heroism/Freeway/Hammer? Appears in lots of Taiwanese movies, but they are always flatout ignored: /vehicle_763022.html /vehicle_552037.html /vehicle.php?id=248846

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