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The Yamaha DT250 is a single cylinder, two-stroke enduro / offroad motorcycle produced between 1972 and 1977. It could reach a top speed of 109.0 km/h (67.7 mph)


The engine was a air cooled single cylinder, two-stroke. A 70.0 x 64.0 mm (2.8 x 2.5 inches) stroke result in a displacement of just 246.00 ccm (15.01 cubic inches). The engine features a 6.7:1 compression ratio. Fuel was supplied via a membrane.


The bike has a 5-speed transmission. The final drive was via chain.


It came with a 3.00-21 front tire and a 4.00-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake in the front and a expanding brake in the rear. The DT250 is fitted with a 9.00 litres (2.38 gallons) fuel tank.

 in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Flexible pipe out of the gas tank, "V" handlebar with an horizontal strengthening, two round dials and a similar brake drum : Yamaha XT 500? The only difference is the attachment system of the wheel to the fork, with two bolts. Doesn't match '75 to '78 models. I'll do some more research Definitely not Yamaha XT as it is a two stroke with 'sunburst' finning on the head. No idea what it is though. @eLMeR let's try to look for Xamaha DT than Not an XT and maybe a DT. And more likely a 400 or 250. That's what I realized too while searching deeper . And a brighter view helps: I'll be back You can say that from the picture??? You mean the louvers on the front mudguard? (sorry, I'm not really used to mechanical and automotive English terms) eLMeR, check out the cooling fins on the top of the motor and compare the mystery bike with the pic of the XT. Also the manner in which the exhaust pipe exits. The bike at left rear is a different type again. The bike at right rear might be the same as the left one. Most likely a DT. And with this shape of cylinder head, it's a 250 or a 400. As the end of the exhaust pipe is a big one, it seems to me it's a 400 cc. But but when compared... 1980 DT 250 MX / Pre-80 DT 400 MX This '79 DT400F seems to have a bigger exhaust pipe. For the bike of the movie, the attachment system of the wheel is 1980+: 1978 and 1979 vs 1980 attachment system. Click to see larger pictures 1980 Yamaha DT 400 MX? Was the DT 400 MX still sold in US this year? Model year seem to stop with the 1979 one for many countries. By the way, if the movie is supposed to take place in the late 70s, this bike is either a space travel machine, or an anachronism (For curious people who want to see more "classic" Yamaha (and lot of other makes) bikes: classic-motorbikes.net. And for the ones who want to know more about the 1977-1981 DT250 and DT400 characteristics, I found this personal website) 2x 250ccm 1x 400ccm engine head Which picture(s) are you talking about? When I look at the first two pictures that are in the comment just above (2014-03-16 01:24), the DT 250 and 400 seems to me having really similar engine head. If a DT250 / DT400 expert reads these line, we need your help! For the movie, the left bike seems to have more XT-like (or 4-stroke?) cylinder head. But not a single detail (exhaust pipe shape, wheel attachment system, rear shock absorber) matches for this bike being a 1980 XT250 (which was the very first one of that model, while the movie is supposed to take place in late '70s...): To admins: whatever the size engine is, the type of wheel attachment system shows it's a 1980+ Yamaha DT. Thanks! The bikes are definitely all two strokes.

It's a 1979 DT 250 F, 1978 was the last year for the 400 (E model), neither the 250 E or 400 E ever came with leading axle forks.

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