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MBK Waap/Yamaha Vity 125? http://www.motorstown.com/images/mbk-waap-06.jpg The Yamaha is definitely more probable in Taiwan, but I can't find a model with orange indicators! I finally found it - still a Yamaha, named something with "FU---" Link to "www.google.de" ^Future http://www.moto2s.com/UpLoadFile/2011-5/201152213245937645.jpg It says ZY100T-3 below which tells us it has been made by Zhuzhou-Yamaha. Ah, got it! This is sold under several names including Forza, Future and Breeze. Trust me, information on this thing is super-hard to get as Google keeps changing Yamaha into Honda for some reason.... It's a Breeze by the badge - there has to be a model with orange indicators: http://attachments.motorfans.com.cn/2010/05/28/TY4qK7A9K4105.jpg @kegare: This is Taiwan. Missed that. @kegare: should we romanize this? When typing the name in in Latin characters on Google, the Yamaha Breeze that appears is a quad... This machine also appears a few times: http://www.scootland.cz/static/img/scooter/500/yamaha-breeze-50.jpg Tricky, tricky... Yamaha Breeze usually is an ATV ... Link to "www.atvsource.com"

That's exactly what I said, just a bit simpler.

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