Ural M-72 in Movies

M-72 in Anne Frank: The Whole Story
Anne Frank: The Whole Story
Ural M-72

BMW Type je sais plus quoi... Position of front fender & fender stay matchs Ural M-72. I think it is a new Chang-Jiang (Changjiang) ???? Link to "www.perfectenglish.com.cn" http://www.moto-moscow.de/Gebraucht/Chang%20gruen/2.jpg and not a BMW R71, URAL M72, Dnepr M72 ???? Bien possible, voire vraisemblable! This outfit was produced in Soviet & China. ...of course, Soviet produce it first and China copies it I still think it's Ural because of the fender stay is bended both end. (Chinise model's fender stay is straight)

Its a very old M-72 russian motorcycle. You can see it because the sidecar and front fender.

M-72 in Ocherednoy reys
Ocherednoy reys
Ural M-72

IMZ-Ural M-72? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMZ-Ural 1957 if there is something like a MY for them http://databikes.com/infophoto/ural/m_72-1957.html

Yes, late M-72 or M-61 , if it has new OHV-engine.

M-72 in Operation Moscow M-72 in Operation Moscow M-72 in Operation Moscow
Operation Moscow EP: 19
Ural M-72

Possibly the same: http://www.retrogarag.ru/retro/motocikly/?gallery=698 2 points to note :- M-72's were never known as Urals or Dneprs, it's just M-72 without a brand/manufacturer name. A lot of this was filmed in China (what is the location for this scene?) This is possibly a Chang Jiang CJ 750, Soviet production ended in 1957, this one looks very bright & shiny......... Filmed in Russia, judging by the area and other vehicles (even background Lada with a modern Russian plate is here). Set in Russia too. Not a lot, I'd say. Mostly interior scenes. But some Russian exteriors were filmed in China. /vehicle_1156792-Shanghai-SH-760-A-1974.html

I'm leaning towards CJ for a couple of reasons - Soviet production lasted 17 years and ended in 1957, PRC production is rumoured to be over 40 years from '58 onwards. You can still buy them "new" although this is more likely to be the PLA releasing huge numbers of military reserve vehicles that have been in storage unused for decades, there are millions of them out there. It just looks too new, it's either a recent restoration or to my mind, an ex PLA new-old stock bike that has been recommissioned.