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Look at Life: Horse-Power Riders

Shiny Triumph TRW 500cc with army White Helmets display team. The British Military in their wisdom decided they could not find what they wanted among the hundreds of British motorcycles made and that they must have a specially built sidevalve vertical twin . Thats why these look like they have cylinder head missing. Only made for the army , at vast expense no doubt . All White Helmets Bikes have civilian registration numbers , wonder why ? These are all registered XUE 8?? , XUE 810 visible here. these bikes are used also by the French police, only in Paris! XUE = early 58, Warwickshire - maybe factory supplied?? Triumph factory there at Meriden , maybe the Triumph factory owned them . The bikes continued to wear civilian registrations for many years and different models, maybe still do ? The other exciting fact about Meriden is that it is claimed to be the most distant place anywhere in Britain from the sea. 'am happy to know that before sleeping /vehicle_42627-Triumph-TRW-500.html Interesting , I know they did try to sell them to other countries for service use . I think the poor Canadian army also had to suffer them. Civilian plates were because all the White Helmets bikes were on loan from Triumph till they went bust in 83 . White Helmets did last display yesterday ,after 90 years consigned to history as not giving the right computer age image, apparently now people email each other instead of sending a despatch rider All bollocks of course cost cutting really. The artillery still have horse limber teams for display but they ain't used horses for a while !

It's difficult to accept the killing off of such a piece of history, but in these days of direct communications between battle groups and even individual soldiers this display team had ever more tenuous links with what really occurred. The field gun teams belong in the pomp and circumstance rôle of the army, and their chocolate soldier type of appeal is completely different from riding a motor cycle back to front.

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