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 in Blind Terror
Blind Terror

Bonneville T120 (1968) by color & new brake dram.

This picture was taken at the side of Keith Manning Motorcycles, Peach St, Wokingham, Berkshire England. The silly handlebars and seat were put on at the request of the producer, we rented the film company a few bikes for the film starring Mia Farrow. The bike was returned to standard after the filming. I worked at Mannings for several years and was well paid by the film company for a mornings work looking after the bikes Twissle

 in Was geschah auf Schloß Wildberg
Was geschah auf Schloß Wildberg

Early T120 oil in frame in unusual colours. seems to be this one with a quite cornered tank T120 V classy bike Just being reading about these and this is a late 71 home market model in standard colour scheme , gold and black. This is the first model with the 'square' tank and it has correct high bars . Later square tank models always had low bars .

 in Carlos Baute: Quien te quiere como yo
Carlos Baute: Quien te quiere como yo

It is not a strictly correct 1959 T120 because it should have a headlight nacelle, the stripe on the front fender is too wide and the curve of the exhausts is wrong - - notice also the forks have rubber gaiters where there should be shrouds. The seat has something wrong with it and the orange paint is an odd shade - maybe that is just the video. The oil tank should be pearl grey not black. Note some useful information on the 1959 Bonneville on this page -

Many thanks. I had left without completing the model because i doubted that the model was.

 in THX 1138
THX 1138

Triumph? Pas sûr... I don't think it is a Triumph but then I am not sure what it is. That is an Avon fairing it is wearing. Triumph for sure, it's confirmed by one of the actors in this interview : Daytona or bonneville ? Très certainement une Triumph Bonneville ou Trident entre la fin des années 1960 et 1971. La carénage a une forme spécifique comme sur ce modèle de Triumph Bonneville :

Triumph T120 Bonneville (note kinked kickstart lever) with Avon fairing, aftermarket tank and seat, Borrani wheel rims, etc.

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