Triumph Rickman Metisse in Movies

 in La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve
La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve

The Police say in the film ...That they are on the look out for a Triumph or Honda 250.! Engine shape matchs Triumph twin, and front brake dram, suspension outer housing, etc. With a high possibility is modifyed Triumph TR5T Trophy Trail (1973-4). (But remains few possibility of a individual brand. In these time, many brand exist in competition bike field.) '60's Rickman-Metisse Triumph "The fiberglass fenders and tank hold the weight down to a notch under 300 pounds. The rig is the best-handling bike I've ever owned. And the power - it's like supersonic. You can build a rig just like it by ordering the frame from the Rickman-Metisse distributors in England. The frame costs $400 and you Can Scrounge any Other Components you need to complete the bike from junkyards. You should be able to put together a real first-class bike for a very modest sum - and that makes plenty of sense." - Steve McQueen Usually Trail/trial model of Rickman-Metisse uses double-cradle frame... BTW thanks for the nice link, I enjoyed it! This is definitely not a TR5T. It is more likely an early Rickman Metisse as pepperseed said. I can't comment on the duoble down tube frame - maybe it still has its original frame and just the Rickman forks.

Correction to this one. Jun was right about the double down tube frame on Rickmans. This is a Cheney frame, the later versions of which used a single front down tube. So call it a Cheney-Triumph. I can't be sure of the date but it is mid-1960s.

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