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The Suzuki GS450 is a twin, four-stroke naked bike motorcycle produced between 1984 and 1984. It could reach a top speed of 146.5 km/h (91.0 mph)


The engine was a air cooled twin, four-stroke.


The final drive was via chain.


Stopping was achieved via single disc in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake) in the rear.

 in Ein Fall für Zwei
Ein Fall für Zwei EP: 6.07

Suzuki GSG 750. Ou 850... The 4 cylinder Suzuki's would have an oblong fuel filler cap, I think that's a Suzuki GS250T Possibly a 400 or 450 but without a view of the side panels we'll never know.

Exact. Et, en plus, les customs du début des années 80 s'appelaient GSL, pour Limited... GS 250 ou 400 L?

 in Class of Nuke 'Em High
Class of Nuke 'Em High

Suzuki GS450E (1981 from the stripe) Suzuki GSX 400 E 1980 Suzuki GSX 400 E 1979 Suzuki GSX 250 E 1980 GSX250/400 has 4-valve engine. Cam-shaft cover is square. GS450 has 2-valve engine. Cam-shaft cover is round. So it's GS450. For person who requests performance or person who requests economy Judging from the passenger, I would say he expects performance 2+1 cylinder

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