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GS125ES Katana in Bulman GS125ES Katana in Bulman GS125ES Katana in Bulman GS125ES Katana in Bulman GS125ES Katana in Bulman
Bulman EP: 1.12
1984 Suzuki GS125ES Katana

Driven by 2 nasty men who shoot out the baby van's tyres - only shown in the dark: (last thumb is a glimpse later at 17-47) The plate is difficult - onscreen it looked like B38 SBA which is a Cavalier (so are other B3x SBA combinations). Tried lots of other variations and it seems Bxx and Bxxx SBA have registrations in blocks for various makes. Eventually tried B331 SBA which comes up as 1984 Kawasaki ARO 80-C2 (79cc) which does not match any of our entries - the only other google hit for that name was HowManyLeft?, but that suggests it did exist as a proper model name. As I've no idea what they look like and couldn't find pictures, that's where I stop and throw it open. But it may not be B331 SBA - although fairly sure B3xx SBA. If anyone wants to plug in some numbers B330 - 339 SBA all come up as assorted bikes, so make/model probably in there. angled tank script like suZUKI that period pic of Kawasaki ARO 80 No Suzukis in B320 to B339 SBA. But B311 SBA is a black Suzuki "Other" with 124cc which might solve it. DVLA details for B311 SBA are: Date of Liability 01 05 1987 Date of First Registration 15 10 1984 Year of Manufacture 1984 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 124cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval Not Available GS 125 ES Katana * * "impression of" Link to "" 12 HP 4 stroke et voila square headlight


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