Puch 250 SGSA in Movies

 in Am Sonntag will mein Süsser mit mir segeln gehn
Am Sonntag will mein Süsser mit mir segeln gehn

Strange badge Perhaps covered for the movie? Horex? Just guessing. Puch 175 SVS I think: http://users.vpg.sulinet.hu/klucsar/kepek/galeria/1960_Puch.jpg http://amicale.puch.free.fr/GAlerie%20photos/Galerie%20175/gal_175.htm Hello from the land of the Puch's The one in this movie is a 250 SGS, sports model. The 175SVS has only one opening in the fuel tank for fuel-mixture. The 250 SGS hast two. One for Oil and one for pure gasoline. The 250 SGS has also the bigger toolbox on the left side that can be seen very good. The 175 SVS has a very small toolbox. Ooops sorry, I was too fast. This is a 250 SGSA. The A is the electrical Starter (Anlasser in German) I came on it because in the movies, they usually used the A models, probably because it looked better in the movie to push a button instead of jumping around on a cickstart handle. I remember a movie with the German actor Harald Juhnke, where he starts a black Puch 250 SGA. Starting this engine sounds quite funny, because it doesn't work like a common starter. The piston is moved back and forward, to fill the cylinder with fuel. But it doesn't turn over the top. Then, when there is enough gas in the cylinder, there is one initial spark, that explodes and brings the engine to run.


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