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landrover1 says this pic was obtained from:- i found the pic after watch the movie.i suggest all watch this movie because is interesting in many points of view...and the bike have a important role because ernesto guevara and alberto granados start the travel across latin american in this bike(and in some point of the movie they crash the bike with a cow)...great actors in a history that can make you think alot about the life. but what is this, a "1939 Norton 500"? mabe an ES2? this is a screen-shot from the movie: Should this be five stars? Although the bike (nicknamed "Mighty One") does give up the ghost about halfway through. yes, they lost it.

It's a Norton Model 18 from 1945 or 1946. The ES2 has a sprung frame, this one has not. From '47 onwards they have a telescopic fork. It is definitely not an International, those have an overhead camshaft engine.

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