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 in Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird
Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird

Which mototcycles had sidecars that looked like the front end of dirigibles? Do you mean the Royal Enfield Bullet? And they're still being made I believe! Yes, in India as the Enfield (not Royal) Bullet. It seems likely that the chair is the Watsonian in your link, but here is another possibility: Steib ou Watsonian, possible pour le side... Mais il peut être attelé à à peu près n'importe quoi. Sinon, Enfield India a repris le droit d'appeler ses motos "Royal enfield" depuis quelques années... Depuis 1995 seulement: Il semble que Watsonian Sidecars sont les importeurs actuels des Royal Enfield Bullet. The bike looks like a Panther. Unusual to see a right-side-mounted side car. Unusual to see a sidecar at all these days ... but in countries where they drive on the right that's where they mounted them Link to "" Si c'est une Panther side à droite, alors c'est peut-être celle perso de Guido Bettiol (Panther 600 Sloper). Elle était attelée à un Watsonian, si ma mémoire ne défaille point... Nimbus II, later "long-fork"-type- or transversion, Denmark. As these were built from 1934 to 1960-ish (!!!) and were never changed radically (- just added-to and improved, all improvements were available for ALL years, i.e. transversion from hand- to foot-gear, valve covers, "long" fork with more travel and better brakes etc.), the year will not be identifyable (is that a real word ?). They mostly had right-side-mounted sidecars, though this is not an original Nimbus-Sidecar - don´t know what make this is, sorry - could be one from "Bender". The original Nimbus sidecars often had boxes or other working-duty facilities.

Our first Nimbus! The sidecar is from Steib, as far as I know.

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