Motobi 200 Sprite in Movies

 in Il giorno della civetta
Il giorno della civetta

MotoBi 200 Sprite (1965- ?) First MotoBi! Well done The unique bike existing in the world to have a egg-shaped engine Meeting of MotoBi club are named "Egg run" in Japan That's was a novelty for me...Guess you knew also a Japan's website of a local MotoBi Owners Club PS MotoBi was the Brand born by a quarrel thru one of Benelli brothers,Tonino,that will estabilish a own plant to make concurrence at other brother Giuseppe,foundeer of Benelli(peace was done when both Brands made same bike models but with different names;e.g.,the Benelli 125 Cross existing also like Motobi 125 Cross;meanwhile,thru Fifties'-Sixties',MotoBi and Benelli were still rival Makes)

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