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BMW 7 Series in the back Nice supermotard, obviously Kawasaki. Indeed Kawasaki funeral (or grasshopper ) color. KTM Duke II (1999-2004) http://www.classicbikes.com/ktm-duke-01.jpg Green KTM, blasphemous! It should be orange. ?? integrist , Bean Bandit?? KTM Duke II (1999-2004) mais tout le mérite en revient à Jun: Tiens oui, on avait loupé ce message. Today, I'll correct the forgotten uncorrection part... KTM Duke II (1999-2004) Not the Kawasaki. Nice to see you back

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Move On

KTM 640 DUKE 2 it is a mixture of road bike with Enduro building a class of its own called SUPERMOTO and therefore predestinated for this scene. Link to "www.motorradonline.de" no rice cooker but austrian make! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f8/KTM_Duke_II_640.JPG Kronreif & Trunkenpolz / Mattighofen started with selling DKW bikes and Opel Olympias late 30ies not making own bike before 1952 with Sachs Rotax engine 98ccm

yes, designation 640 used by Wiki for e.g. could be omitted, as it has 620ccm anyway at garco, glad you found merely sideviwe, much better than first pic!

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