Indian Scout 1150 in Movies

 in M*A*S*H
M*A*S*H EP: 10.13

B.J.'s motorcycle, which he buys from a wounded soldier, and it gets wrecked when a war correspondent borrows it for a drunken ride. However, it becomes B.J.'s for the rest of the series, and the very last time we see him in the series finale, he's riding off into the sunset on it. It looks pretty much like the Indian military Scouts 741 seen here: But sharp-eyed specialists could tell whether it's not a 640-B, Link to "" derived from the Link to "" Scratch the series finale B.J. actually has a different motorcycle, the one that had a sidecar and belonged to the Chinese musicians. I guess that means the Indian was totaled.

Not a 741, they were military spec, this is a regular Scout.

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