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The Honda XR500 is a single cylinder, four-stroke enduro / offroad motorcycle produced between 1980 and 1983. It could reach a top speed of 150.0 km/h (93.2 mph)


The engine was a air cooled single cylinder, four-stroke. Fuel was supplied via a overhead cams (ohc).


The XR500 is fitted with a 20.00 litres (5.28 gallons) fuel tank.

 in Street Hawk
Street Hawk EP: Pilot

Information received from Ryan by e-mail: Streethawk was a bike originally designed by Andrew Probert who designed Airwolf also but the bike that he designed was only used in the pilot episode(picture enclosed).For the second episode(a second self)Ron Cobb was brought in to redesign it(pic enclosed)with machine guns,rocket launchers but from what I can tell there were three different designs of bikes used on the show(excluding the pilot episode bike) I have enclosed pics of all of them so you can pick whichever you think is best.The bikes were designed specially for the show but what they were based on is a funny subject so heres the rundown. Pilot episode - 1983 honda xl500 (hired from honda and afterwards stripped and given back to them I believe) The series bikes - 3 1984 honda 500's used for all the normal shots. Stunts - 11 Honda xr250's. Streethawk for a show that only lasted 13 episodes has attracted a huge following. Picture above: - pilot bike "A second self" episode bike(Only used in that episode): used in the episodes until "murder is a novel idea": used in remaining episodes: Sorry there is no such bike as a honda 500(well there are of that capacity)the series bikes were honda xr500's,must have been daydreaming when I sent that I had a 1979 Honda CX500, but it sure didnt look anything like this bike.... It was modified for the tv series,.read the info I sent in.The cx500,if memory serves me right the one with the cylinders twisted at an angle,go on for about a trillion miles. please support our attempt to get a Streethawk DVD release, please sign the petition and also visit for info on the show. for further pictures take a look at: Inspiré quand même par"Jamais plus jamais",hein,non,quand même? It seems this bike is the same from Pilot episode courtesy of user mike962 From episode 4

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