Honda XL500 in Movies

 in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Made for movie based on first version of the Honda XL 500 S

It seemed to me to remember (discussion with biker friends after the movie!) That these bikes looked ridiculous and out of place. Still big "Anything!" ... On the other hand find motorcycles of the 30s to blow them up, it's not the simplest thing I imagine. In all areas it's the same (motorcycle, car, computer, medicine, etc ..): the films seem credible as you do not know too much

I think these bikes were meant to be BMWs, so this page should be re-named Made for Movie BMW. Unlike the other bike these are heavily modified, so we should rename this page Made for movie BMW R75 based on 1977 Honda XL-500 S. I wonder, why they couldn't simply use Urals? They were a reverse engineered BMW R71, so so they would easily pass for real BMW R71s and fit the time period. They were meant to be, but Made for Movie is for specially made vehicles that were not based on existing, identifiable vehicles. These have little to no modification, so Made for Movie can't be used. no one can do easy a wheely on a clapped old BMW R75 like they do in the movie with the modified XL 500S.

If I'm not mistaken, the XL500S were made from 1979 onward, not 1977.

 in CHiPs
CHiPs EP: 4.02

Honda XL 500

This is a YAMAHA XT/TT 500. note rounded sidecover, front brake hub, Honda has leading front axle,tank shape, cylinder cooling fins rounded- Honda look squarer,bash guard.Also, this bike does not have twin header pipes.

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