Honda Super Cub110 in Movies

 in Little Britain
Little Britain EP: 1.04

Ressemble à un Honda Cub, mais ça paraît trop simple (C50, C70, C90? a vérifier! I saw the 'Top Gear' (blue Honda Cub jumped from the building ) . In that episode, they say 'Cub'... What is it called in UK? Honda CT70 Passport : It's not a C70 Passport ... That was the USA version with round headlamp etc. (and certainly not a CT70 which is a small-wheeled T-frame off roader) this is a UK spec C90 Cub.

Yes.. Cub in the UK too... But it only had 'Cub' on the badges here after the 1984 square lamp style.. Earlier ones just sold as C50/C70/C90.

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