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Chevrolet Camaro SS, BMW K series motorcycles I listed it as a Ford Mustang But you're proably right, it looks more like a Camaro : bigger picture. Pas sûr du tout que ces deux-là soient des BMW. Et le détailk qui tue: les sorties d'échappement. C'est un moteur bicylindre face à la route, pour celle de gauche, et BMW n'en faisait pas encore alors. Et puis, à chercher un indice sur ces motos, on croit distinguer, sur le réservoir de celle de droite, une aile Honda. Donc: Forme du carénage, du réservoir, sorties d'échappements, je pense à des Honda VFR 750. Jun, what do you think about that? Help!!! More precisions about our misteries... Honda VFR 750 RC24 with special windscreen Honda VFR750P (1990-) [RC35] This model was developed only for police (based on europe export model) Windscreen was added in HongKong. I bet it 120% sure because I had educated the policeman for about ten years by mainly using this Thanks, Jun... De rien (I'm just beginner, is the usage suitable ) And if you are a beginner, what do am I? Sorry, I made pointless sentences last night. Recently I bought several books and learning French (I'm just a beginner ) If someone say "Merci" to me, one book says the reply is "De rien", and other book says "Je vous en prie". The answer is different by two books I was hesitating in whether "De rien" was suitable answer 'Je veu un biere' is probably the most essential expression to know in French. This is absolutely necessary! No problem, Jun! Both are "suitable"... You're brave to learn french, I won't have this bravery to learn japanese. "Je veux une bière" is correct. Others essentials expressions: -Vous êtes libre ce soir ? -Je vous raccompagne ? -On prend un dernier verre ? An a little later: -Alors heureuse ? -Je te fais un café ?

Thank you. the question is solved

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