Honda NTV700 Deauville in Movies

 in Pitbull
Pitbull EP: 3.07

Honda Deauville? Weasel ta Honda to rocznik 2006 gdyż ten odcinek był kręcony w 2007r. a nie 2010r. NT700V not NTV700. Model is "NTV 700 Deauville". Honda literature (brochures, handbooks etc) list as NT 700 V. And the rest NTVs? 400, 600, 650?

It's complicated, Deauvilles were NT650-700V, Transalps (same motor) were XL600-650-700V. The naked roadsters (Hawk GT, Bros etc) were NT 400-600 without a V at the end. The one oddity in naming was the Revere which was NTV600-650. I won't go into Africa twins. Except to say an NT 400 Bros with an XRV 750 motor shoehorned in is supposed to be a hoot!

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