Honda FT500C in Movies

 in Boon
Boon EP: 2.06 After studying hundreds of images on the Net , I think it's fair to say this is not a Yamaha, but it is a Honda CB 450 SC Nighthawk in poor condition, with some parts from different models: the engine, fuel tank and the wheel are arguably the original ones, but the headlight comes from a 1983-1984 CB 550 SC, and the mudguard is from a CB 900 F. That bike is most definitely not a CB450. The CB450 is a twin - I own a 1982 CB450T myself - and the cylinders protrude out side the tank on each side If it is not an SR500 it is a Honda FT500 - - the tank shape is a better match. Dite "Ascott" en France. En GB? Rear of a bike seen in 2.13 registered as Honda FT-500 C so I guess this one again:

Not Ascot in UK, just plain FT 500.

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