Honda CB77 in Movies

 in Serpico

Picture from Isn't that the Honda wing logo on the fuel tank ? Definately a Honda. looks like a Honda 175cc, circa 1971 Honda CB77 305 Superhawk, dirait-on... pour voir le moteur de près... This is much earlier than 1971. The CB350 replaced the CB77 in 1968. With its instruments in the headlight it is quite early - maybe 1966. I will find out more.

Check out this link it even mentions Al Pacino in Serpico. Production dates 1961-7.

 in Kenju zankoku monogatari
Kenju zankoku monogatari

It is a police version of the Honda Dream twin - CB77 or similar. Just need to find the exact designation. Possibly 1964 Honda CYP77. Although this one doesn't appear to have all of the police gear so maybe it is just a regular CB77 painted white.

I believe can be civilian, as they crashed it a bit.

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