Harley-Davidson WLA in Movies

 in A Country Practice
A Country Practice EP: 9.48

1936 Harley Davidson 36R 750ccm http://www.yesterdays.nl/harley-davidson-1936-pi-1043.html?invis=1

It is similar to the R but there are differences, I think it is very likely to be an ex-miltary WLA. The rear carrier is a clue.

 in Brigitte Bardot: Harley Davidson
Brigitte Bardot: Harley Davidson

Picture found by Alessandro58 on planete-biker.com: http://www.planete-biker.com/famous-harley-davidson-01.php (last pic, bottom right) It is a side valve model (the bike I mean) - may have started life as a military WLA during WW2. Une pose légèrement différente illustre le mythique 45 tours (Une pièce très recherchée pour les amateurs de Harley sur disques)

Better pic now.

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