Harley-Davidson Stuntcycle in Movies

 in Viva Knievel!
Viva Knievel!

Evel has two similar bikes ...the one above for doing wheelies around the track ... then he gets onto another bike for the actual jumps. (bike below is also the 'wheelie' bike ..pics of the 'Jump' bike on it's own page) According to this it's the "stuntcycle". http://www.hollywood-diecast.com/Evel%20Knievel%20Back.JPG

The bike for wheelie doesn't often have the brake in the front wheel. Rotation of front wheel helps balancing. sometime also have built-in motor Evel's jumping bike has front brake and chain sets right side (XR750), and wheelie bike hasn't front brake and chain is left side. Wheelie bike seems based on 74cu in model (Harley-Davidson FX ?) but it's difficult to ascertain former model. (I want to name the 'Harley-Davidson Stuntcycle' personally...for Evel )

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