Harley-Davidson Sportster in Movies

 in La Bamba
La Bamba

Looks like the front fork and suspension has been modified. Just doesn't look right to me. Maybe its one of the british imports that were badged and sold as Indian in the 1950's It loads "Shovelhead" V-Twin. http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com/images/shovelhead-engine.jpg I can only say Harley-Davidson Chopper (based on '66-'85 model)... Indian decal is probably a movie prop as this is not an indian bike. How do we list? "Hardley-Davidson Chopper" I guess... un Sportster fonte pas mal modifié

On the DVD commentary, Esai Morales says it's a 1968 Sportster that was mocked up to look like a 1947 Indian.

 in Black Rain
Black Rain

(Quoting what is written about this movie on http://www.vintagemx.us/movies.htm) "In the opening scene of Black Rain Michael Douglas rode a Harley XLCR caferacer. (Contributed by Ralph Panhuyzen) On your page you wrote that in the opening scene of Black Rain Michael Douglas rode a Harley XLCR caferacer. That's not true, the bike is EVO sportster ( 1986 ->) which has a "body kit" installed. If you look engine of the bike you notice it at once that in the movie bike is EVO instead of Ironhead. Other things are wheels, original had 7-spoke castwheels 19" and 18" but in movie there is 9-spoke 18" and 16" wheels... Original XLCR 1000 Cafe Racer were year models 1977 and 1978, some source claim that 10-13 bike were assembled in 1979 parts that left over from year 1978. (Contributed by Seppo Siipola)" I don't known which Harley is it, I have read the name of this bike on a italian site... and I have only copied the name. A y regarder de près (le carter et même la béquille) c'est un Sportster. Je le renomme

 in The Bucket List
The Bucket List

883 or 1200 sportster, not sure of year, large turn signals on stalks rather than mounted from bars as on newer models. It is very hard to see many details of this bike but I agree it is a Harley-Davidson Sportster - probably actually a Sportster Sport because it has a tachometer - from the early to mid 1990s. Here's one like it with similar details like the twin clocks sticking up high and the turn signals on the fork legs http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/h-d/harley_davidson_xl1200S%2096.htm D'origine le 883 Sportster a un compteur et le 1200 en a deux (vitesse et compte-tours) mais rien n'empèche le propriétaire d'un 883 de rajouter un compte-tours. Translation please. Be my guest: Ex-works the 883 Sportster has one 'clock' and the 1200 two (speedo and rev. counter), but there's nothing to stop the owner of an 883 fitting a rev. counter. "Originally the 883 Sportsteer has got one clock and the 1200 has got two (speed and revs) but the owner could have fixed a rev counter to a 883, of course." Cheers, Chris! Great minds think alike, Mike

Thanks for that. As we all know there are almost no two Harleys the same because they are so readily customised. The identification of Sportster is all we can be sure of.

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