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The Harley-Davidson Model J is a v2, four-stroke allround motorcycle produced between 1915 and 1929. It could reach a top speed of 136.8 km/h (85.0 mph)


A 84.1 x 88.9 mm (3.3 x 3.5 inches) stroke result in a displacement of just 989.00 ccm (60.35 cubic inches).


The final drive was via chain.


It came with a 3-26 front tire and a 3-26 rear tire. The bike weighs just 181.0 kg (399.0 pounds).

 in Jaguar - Quand l'Automobile devient un Art!
Jaguar - Quand l'Automobile devient un Art!

Harley model J board track racer. Plate info not paticularly helpful: FR 3030 ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 01 March 1992 MOT No details held by DVLA Vehicle make: HARLEY-DAVIDSON Date of first registration: August 1984 Cylinder capacity (cc): 1000 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Not taxed Vehicle colour: GREEN Vehicle type approval: Not available Wheelplan: 2 WHEEL Blackpool plate, I think issued in 1921. Likely to have a Swallow connection somehow - maybe it got a sidecar later???!!?? http://www.jaguarheritage.com/t/history_1920 As you can see, it was Lyons on the Harley-Davidson. There is one error in the accompanying blurb, the Austin Seven was introduced in 1922, not 1927. I don't think the bike has anything to do with Swallow, according to the German Wiki page, Lyons was a keen motorcycle racer as a young-un, unlikely he'd bolt a chair onto a race bike with no front brake.....

The picture was apparently taken before the formation of Swallow in 1922.

 in Two Tars
Two Tars

Indian circa 1920 ?? http://www.findthebesthere.com/classics1.htm Very nice link! There I found this Harley-Davidson: http://www.findthebesthere.com/bike173061504.jpg It has the same overhead valves that protrude into the tank. What do you say? BTW, where is Jun? your suggestion is better than mine and I do think you are right - I quit too soon . On s'approche, on s'approche... http://indian.harley.free.fr/datas/photos/harley.jpg mais c'est pas encore ça: transmission à courroie et réservoir entre-tubes...

It's Harley-Davidson. This front fender was used from 1921 to 24. I think it's small (61cu in) Harley-Davidson model J (1921-24) same year (but big 74 cu in) model http://www.biker.ru/articles/walkka/fin05.jpg

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