Harley-Davidson FXR in Movies

 in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Make: 1989 Harley Davidson 1200 XL Softtail Custom Model: FXR 41mm FLH fork leg with dual old style rotors 6" riser with drag bar JB brake, with 2 start/off & horn switch only. 5b gal softail gas tank. There were actually two bikes built for the movie because the first bike barked up so much that it wouldn't idle. The bike was actually not made for the movie. Mickey drew the bike up on a cocktail napkin and when the producers saw the idea they thought it was perfect for the movie. The other interesting fact is that the seat has no padding what so ever. It was a custom built seat made by taking a piece of sheet metal and attaching a piece of leather to it by velcro. The tank graphic was designed by Mickey himself and the artist is a secret. The initials on the cards stand for a special friend in Mickey's life at that time. The final product ended up the way it is because Mickey walked in about half way through production and said "That's exactely what I want!". Modifications: An FXR frame with a hardtail conversion, they took the rear shocks off and welded metal tubing instead. The front end is raked 30 degrees. They cut the bike neck and pushed the forks foward in the front end to stretch it out. Chrome time, they put more chrome on this bike than a million mag wheels! Its engine has also been modified, 120 cubic inch stroked. Finally they put an extra fat tyre on the back and added drag pipes to the exhaust for that extra deep note we love! There is no such thing as an "XL 1200 Softail" or "XL 1200 FXR". The bike is an '89 FXR with a factory 80" motor which was modified. Murphy's Law, Do better research before you post anything. You have no idea what you are talking about. Here are the real detail on the bike: http://raven28690.tripod.com/bd3.html ok the bike is an fxr with a factory 80 w/ 2 1/2 inch pipes. 6 in drag bars an appears to be fatbob tanks. the bike was originally a dyna with welded struts. as far as rake its a 42 degree rake. mickey did design this bike along with the other bikes he owns. recently the movie company hired black label bikes to recreate the bike but due to mickey it was not the same because there was only one and he has it. but it is damn close and sits in their museum.mickey also has ownership in the bike shop as well It was a FXR. It was never a Dyna (FXD), which were manufactured after the FXRs. The FXRs are most easily identified by the triangle shape made by the frame tubes just below the rider's seat. Gosh, how incredibly ugly is this farting vibrator. Pathetic overweight example of hyper-market driven piece of junk. what are you refering about ?

HD bikes of course.

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