BSA Y13 in Movies

The BSA Y13 is a twin, four-stroke cross / motocross motorcycle produced between 1936 and 1938.


The engine was a air cooled twin, four-stroke. A 71.0 x 94.0 mm (2.8 x 3.7 inches) stroke result in a displacement of just 748.00 ccm (45.64 cubic inches). Fuel was supplied via a overhead valves (ohv).


The final drive was via chain.


It came with a 4.00-18 front tire and a 4.00-18 rear tire. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake (drum brake) in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake) in the rear. The front suspension was a quick adjustable shock-streering damper while the rear was equiped with a none-rigid The Y13 is fitted with a 17.00 litres (4.49 gallons) fuel tank. The wheelbase is 1,372 mm (54.0 inches) long.

 in O.H.M.S.

BSA was making V-engined motorbikes before WWII. Would this be one of them? 1936 BSA V2 750 for reference atmospheric background BSA made the overhead cam 500cc J type for the military but it was rejected. They also made an overhead valve 750, the Y13, from 1936 to 1938. I suspect this is one of the latter. I thought the Y13 was a 1938 bike but since you say it was already made in 1936, nzcarnerd, I think that, yes, it's a Y13. the dual muffler makes it Y13 for me, too. while other models depict trapezoid muffler Link to ""

hello all, the BSA in this picture is NOT a BSA Y13 although it has twin exhausts one above the other. The BSA V win used during the war was a BSA E15 or a BSA H15 if it was Under the Royal Air Force services. BSA E15 or H15 500 ccm had the front brake on the right side and BSA Y13 had the front brake on the left hand side. BSA J12 were the civilian models which followed the E15 or H15 as the army did not appreciate 4 open valves. So, to cut short BSA E15 or H15 had 4 valve springs visible, civilian model of the army bike was a J34-11 built in 1934 both 500 ccm BSA J12 had 2 Valve springs open and 2 closed (500 ccm) BSA Y13 had 2 valve springs open and two closed, but it was a 750 ccm Please check our homepage for BSA Motorcycles J34-11, E15 and Y13 Best regards always a pleasure to help

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