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Midland Journey

Presumably the BSA factory in Armoury Road, Small Heath. Did BSA make pushbikes?? These from previous sequence and commentary sort-of-suggests same (unidentified) company Can't see any obvious sidecar lugs on the frame so probably 1948 MY M20 for the telescopic forks. they certainly did, although I had a Royal Enfield. Film is dated 1947, early production pre-announcement? I guess so, if filmed mid-late '47 and BSA followed US car manufacturers habit of releasing a model year the preceding autumn? Bicycle design had come a long way by the time I got my 1st and only new one, this was under the tree in dec' 1972. Seems to be a production line, so manufacture underway.

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I See a Dark Stranger

BSA M20?? right, BSA M20 WD Is this one of 1937, 1941, 1942? I can't figure out. I think WD was military WW2 version (also known as W-M20) so 1937 unlikely. WD = War Department??? Something similar happened for Norton Big 4 WD.

I was asking this, dsl, to see if some specialist could have check details leading to post-date the bike.

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