BSA A7 SS Shooting Star in Movies

 in The League of Gentlemen
The League of Gentlemen

Beautiful engine! BSA A7 Shooting Star (1954-) 1958/9 BSA A7SS Shooting Star. In 1960 they moved over to the pear drop tank badge Catalogued, Your Majesty, as I recall, as A7 'Shooting Star' vs. 'A7SS Shooting Star' ie. the model not generally known as an A7SS. Unlike, for instance, the 1961 C15 SS80 (presumably for 80mph) which BSA seemed to want to convey 'Super Sports'. On test, I think MCN was impressed with the smaller machine's performance, but hated its fluted handlebar grips. 'The Motor Cycle' wound the Shooting Star up to 97mph, at least on Highest One Way Speed. Wiki is more modest about the latter's speed, reckoning it to be good for 90mph. Might have taken a minute to get to mid-90s, and I wouldn't fancy the vibration.

Is A7SS Shooting Star just repetitive - in other words it was A7 SS (initials) or A7 Shooting Star (words), but not both together??

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