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The BMW R69 is a two cylinder boxer, four-stroke sport motorcycle produced between 1955 and 1960. It could reach a top speed of 175.0 km/h (108.7 mph)


The engine was a air cooled two cylinder boxer, four-stroke. A 72.0 x 73.0 mm (2.8 x 2.9 inches) stroke result in a displacement of just 594.00 ccm (36.25 cubic inches). The engine features a 7.5:1 compression ratio. Fuel was supplied via a overhead valves (ohv).


The bike has a 4-speed transmission. The final drive was via shaft drive (cardan).


Stopping was achieved via expanding brake (drum brake). duplex full hub in the front and a expanding brake (drum brake). simplex full hub in the rear. The front suspension was a cartridge while the rear was equiped with a twin shock-swingarm The R69 is fitted with a 17.00 litres (4.49 gallons) fuel tank. The wheelbase is 1,365 mm (53.7 inches) long.

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Le deuxième souffle

BMW R69 (1955-60) It has R69 type head cover & exhaust pipe joint, and has older mirror & front dumper. I am hesitant to debate your bike expertise, but I doubt it is an R69. All R69's (including the 'S') had the fork with the swing arm, which this -and the other BMWs elsewhere in the movie- lacks. Also, the R69 was an expensive and thus very limited model, therefore not used by the French Gendarmerie. Since these bikes have the tele-fork, I'd tend to believe they are 1951 onwards R60's. Does that make sense? BMW used 'earls fork' (the fork with the swing arm) from 1955-1969. This is earls fork model. telescopic fork BMW of 1971 Steering pipe switch looks small and mirror is old type. So the newer model (after 1960, R50S, 69S, 50/2, 60/2 ...) can be excludable. The surviving candidate is three, R50, R60, R69. Zoom this picture and check the cylinder, fin type exhaust pipe joint (nut) is visible. R69 engine exhaust pipe joint (nut) of R50 60 ... sinple shape see this page So the only answer is R69 of 1955-60. But my identification is also doubtful. Since the captured picture isn't shows details and sometimes bruerred and I'm only one of the movie & car lover too

Debat d'experts! Thank's for this contribution

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