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BMW R1200RT-P The car behind them is a 2015+ Chevy Cruze. Not "2010" but "2006+".

 in The Taking of Pelham 123
The Taking of Pelham 123

BMW R 1200 RT These vehicles, including the motorcycles, are parked in a cage in New Milford, CT now. I have posted them in my Flickr: Is it odd that the NYPD would have a very un-American bike such as the BMW for their Motorcycle Division?, I would think that something like a Harley-Davidson or Indian would be more the norm. No, not exactly. Departments will use what fulfils their needs. Since this department seems to be a high speed pursuit, or highway, unit, BMWs might be appropriate, especially since they had a set deadline to meet. However, the real NYPD Motor Division has used Harleys since 1955, two years after Indian's move to England in 1953, when the real company went bankrupt and the name was perpetuated by Brookhouse Engineering with rebadged Royal Enfields. So, in that regard, yes, it is inaccurate for them to be using BMWs.

The NYPD use Harley Electra Glides as their cop bikes.

 in Departament
Departament EP: 15

purchased 2007 BMW R 1200 RT-P полицейские Moscow Traffic Police 2 of 150 with 50 of first batch in 2007 price of each one 989.500 Rubel with one further million for mantainance per anno first shown in April 2007 featuringHazard warning lights, Sport mission, ASC - Traction Tire pressure sensor, pressure sensor oil level Integral ABS, Electrically adjustable suspension (ESA), comfortable rear suspension, Heated handles steering, heated seats, windscreen, electric, Onboard computer, Alloy wheels, radio, CD player, sound system, alarm, immobilizer, Cruise control, Trip computer, Mount for the front bag on the tank holder for side cases, roof rack.

2007 BMW R 1200 RT-P полицейские will be replaced by new model in 2014 2014 R 1200 RT again

 in Notruf Hafenkante
Notruf Hafenkante EP: 2.03

BMW R 1200 RT-P

i don't think that we have in germany police bikes with more as 850ccm engines. BMW R 850 RT-P

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