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The engine was a Air cooled cooled Four stroke, two cylinder flat twin, SV. A 78 x 78 mm stroke result in a displacement of just 745. The engine features a 5.2:1 compression ratio.


It came with a 3.00 x 19" front tire and a 3.50 x 19" rear tire. The front suspension was a Telescopic fork while the rear was equiped with a Rigid, spring loaded saddle The R12 is fitted with a 14 L / 3.7 US gal fuel tank.

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I am thinking ww2 zundapp because of the frame but u never know what they do to make a replica in a movie no, front fork is not Zündapp looks à la BMW but must be a "more modern" Russian side valve flat twin

It's a BMW R 12

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Les impures

je laisse la main René-Gillet 750, chais plus le modèle exact... Non... C'est pas une René-Gillet. Mais une moto française connue... Laquelle? Alzheimer? Si ça peut t'aider, la police française a été équipée de: Dresch, Gnome et Rhône et Condor (Suisse)... Pour ne citer que les marques (de langue) françaises. Ha il faisait des motos aussi celui-là ? Gnome et Rhône? Ou BMW? Je recherche... Ratier? T'avais pas dis français... It is deffo no BMW. I also think it is a Gnome et Rhone. V 2... De chez Gnome et Rhone: ... à moins d'infos complémentaires... Une autre photo complémentaire, issue ele aussi du site Gnome et Rhône: Sorry jp, many details dosen't match to Gnome et Rhone. It's BMW R12 (1935-41 ex.german militaly) Link to "" After The W.W.II, number of goverment vehicles were insufficient in France. And they found "C.M.R." (Centre de Montage et de Réparation) in 1947. C.M.R. repaired and supplied many wartime vehicles for the goverment. Gendermerie recieved many ex.German militaly BMW (R12, R71, R75 etc...) C.M.R. changed to C.E.M.E.C. later, and began to supply Cemec. Comme quoi j'avais un doute, hier... Merci Jun! comme toujours!

Thanks jp (I find some videotape, laser-videodisk & broken LD player when large arrangement of a warehouse. and now try to repair the player, may be uproad some movie & TV-movie later )

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